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About IKOM

Brief Profile of Communication Science Study Program – Telkom University.

Telkom University Communication Studies study program was established in 2008 with two concentrations, Marketing Communication and Broadcasting. In its development, in 2020, the Communication Studies Program made a curriculum change that focused on specialization in Digital Marketing Communication (Marcom) and Digital Media. Based on the 2020 curriculum, Digital Marcom & Digital Media study program graduates can work as Digital Communication Strategic Planner, Digital Branding Consultant, and New Media & Data Analyst.

The learning curriculum of the Communication Studies Program was created by involving practitioners and academics in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) activities, so that the curriculum is run according to the demands and needs of the industry. In addition to producing

Communication Studies graduates who are ready to use in accordance with the communications industry, Telkom University’s Communication Studies study program also makes graduates have an entrepreneurial spirit in the field of communication.

Communication science study program is equipped with ICT-based learning facilities and systems, complete with radio, television, photography, and multimedia laboratories. This facility makes prospective graduates of this study program not only have soft skills in the field of communication but also have qualified hard skills. To develop soft skills and hard skills, students can also take part in extracurricular activities through student club forums such as Ready radio (Field of Radio), Kofi (Field of photography), Ikom Channel (Field of Film and Television), Lokatara (Field of article writing) and ICT (Field of Rich Media).