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Strategic Plan

The vision, mission, goals, and objectives of Communication Department are compiled in reference to the faculties vision, mission, goals, and objectives contained in the year of 2014 Strategic Plan document of Faculty of Communication and Business which is designed to support the vision of Telkom University. The preparation of vision, mission, and objectives of the study program is carried out in meetings involving structural study programs and faculties through the following mechanisms:

NoStrategic TargetSuccess Indicator
1The creation of a system manage study programs corresponding with the principle of Good University Governance 1. ISO Certificate
2. The staff of study program academics
3. The amount maximum of resign students
4. The level of teaching satisfaction to teaching
2The increase of competitiveness graduates at the National Level and International1. Level of satisfaction to the user graduate
2. Long job-seeking graduates
3. The ratio of on time graduation
4. A minimum TOEFL score of 450
5. Number of Student Exchange
6. Graduates who work across the country
7. Total of Lecture Exchange
8. Graduates certified
3The enhancement of lecturers quality and quantity lecturer1. Lecturer total ratio of instructor and assistant lecturer
2. Lecturer total ratio of associate professor and professor
3. Number of celebrity professors
4. Ratio total lecturers who have doctoral degree
5. Number of lecturer who gets scholarship
4The enhancement of quality and quantity student and the alumnae1. Number of students achievement
2. Number of foreign students
3. Number of student who gets scholarship
5The realization of academic research culture1. Number of lecturers who gets teaching grants, research fund, community service and publication.
2. Number of community service activities involving all academic staff
3. Number of research collaboration with the university or institution research (each department)
4. Average number publication of scientific International indexed
5. Number of scientific publication citation per year
6. Amount of Copyright/Patent
7. Amount of published textbook
6The advancement of entrepreneurship skill1. Number of student activities related to entrepreneurship
7The advancement of innovation result utilization for society1. Number of profit cooperation collaboration
2. Number of nonprofit cooperation collaboration
3. Number of lecturers who becomes member of profession national and international association